About our Pastor

Rev. Justin Warren White

Place and date of birth; parents; siblings; etc.
Woman’s Hospital, Jackson, Mississippi. January 18, 1984
Father: Larry Gene White
Mother: Melinda Warren White

Early education and childhood activities (such as scouting, music, hobbies)
East Rankin Academy K-12, Pelahatchie, Mississippi
Piano; Accelerated Reading; Middle School Council; FCA; Manager

General education: high school, college (include activities, fraternities, Christian organizations)
East Rankin Academy, Class of 2002:
Student Body President; FCA; Drama Club; Manager and Trainer for Football and Basketball (Men’s and Women’s); Honor Student; Rankin County Leadership Council; Rankin County High School Republicans

Mississippi State University, Class of 2006:
Student Athletic Trainer and 3 year letterman (Baseball 02-03; Volleyball 03-05); Wesley Foundation Student Leadership; Wesley Praise Band; Beta Upsilon Chi

Duke Divinity School, Class of 2010:
Gospel Choir; United Methodist Fellowship; Admissions counselor; Duke worship band

Marriage and family
I am single, but I do have two cats. Hocus is a Yellow Tabby and he likes to watch football and political debates. Pocus is a Solid Black cat with a little white fur on his chest. He likes to run around all crazy, grab Hocus’s tail, and sleep. They are litter mates, but I’m pretty sure they have two different dads (is that even possible for cats?)

Call to the ministry (who may have had great influence on decision; an event which may have affected decision; etc.)

There are so many events and people that influenced me in my decision to become ordained. The first time I ever felt a genuine call to ministry was while in Mexico in 2002. Long story short; The group I was with wanted to go into dumps and catholic churches and “save” those people. I was bit depressed about it all and ended up playing soccer and basketball (made out of trash, mind you) with the kids surrounding us. When I got in “trouble” for not “saving souls” I thought, “If this is what ministry is, trying to save souls in the midst of a garbage dump, and ignoring children, I do not want any part of it.” That is when God, as God always does, spoke to me and said, “If you don’t like it, go do something about it.” That is the moment when I felt that God was leading me to go into ministry and to preach a gospel of love and peace; a gospel not of condemnation, but of actually going into the dumps with the people and loving them where they are.

Those who effected my decision to go into ministry were Rev. Kim Parker at FUMC Starkville and Rev. Rusty Keen at FUMC Amory. Both of these amazing pastors have been mentors to me and helped me be my best self!

Ordination: date, place, general impressions

June 9, 2013, Jackson Convention Center, Jackson, Mississippi
I was ordained by the first African American Bishop in Mississippi. In fact, our ordination class was his first group of Mississippi ordinands.

Appointments and memorable events at those appointments.

Nanih Waiya Charge: Vernon and Middleton UMC, Louisville, Mississippi: Pig farming community. Need I say more? (2010-2011)

Wells Memorial UMC, Jackson, Mississippi, associate pastor: What an incredible church! Diverse, loving, and open. I worked with the youth and children in the neighborhood and learned so much about myself, ministry, and Jesus.

Favorite scripture; why; what it has meant to your life?
I don’t have a favorite scripture! No really. I don’t. However, I love the four Gospels and all the stories of Christ in the world.

What you hope your flocks remember about you?
That I loved them with a love from God and that I was able to move us out into the community!